Introducing our 6 Week Countdown to Summer challenge — a fitness and nutrition plan designed to have you feeling your best by Memorial Day.

With options for group classes or semi-private training, as well as personalized nutrition coaching, we'll guide you through exactly how to train and eat for your goals.

Group Classes OR Custom Training:

We'll provide you with a specific structure and accountability to ensure that you're getting a workout in 5 times each week, regardless of which option you choose.

Personalized Nutrition Guidance:
Weekly check-ins provide an opportunity to discuss any challenges or obstacles you're facing with your plan. Your coach can offer practical solutions, strategies, and support to help you overcome these challenges and actually have confidence in your food choices.

Weekly InBody Weigh-Ins:
By monitoring changes in your weight, muscle mass, and body fat percentage, we can adjust your nutrition and training strategies accordingly to optimize results.

Daily Access to Your Coach:
Communication with your coach creates a sense of accountability. Knowing that your coach is keeping an eye on your journey can help keep you on track.

Private Community Forum:
Being part of a private community encourages accountability as participants share their progress, goals, and setbacks. Knowing that others are watching and supporting your journey can help keep you on track.

Noticeable Results:
Experience a leaner, stronger version of you that reflects all of your hard work & dedication. You will feel confident, capable, and prepared to continue to conquer any challenge that comes your way.

No shortcuts.

Just smart training and nutrition executed consistently with the support of a like-minded community.